Sublime Text Setting For Python, Django

Sublime Text Setting For Python

Setting up Sublime Text for Python development

  • Setting up Sublime Text for Python development
And add package control
    • Reference: http://dbader.org/blog/setting-up-sublime-text-for-python-development

How To Install Package By Package Control

 I recommend SublimeLinter instead of pyLinter.

Sublime Text 2  For Django

 I found useful blog about this. 

Here is some packages he recommended.
  • Djaneiro is nice set of autocompletions, colorscheme for django. I printed their README to see all list of available substitutions, e.g. var becomes {{ }} in template, block becomes {% block %} {% endblock %}
  • SublimeRope is an attempt to bring powerful library Rope into Sublime Text 2. Rope can do a lot of IDEish things with python code like extracting methods, searching for docstrings, going to definitions, renaming etc. At the moment it can do only renaming and moving to definitions but github repo is being updated time to time, so I hope we will see more features in future.

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